Name Hours
Remi Roy 9443
nathalie roy 8990
Paul McGuire 7662
Heather Swail 7662
Allison MacNeil 7205
Barbara Brockmann 5763
John Craig 5763
Shaun Kehoe 5147
Kevin Power 2008

Fundraiser Leaderboard

Name Raised
Allison MacNeil $1,820.00
Kevin Power $1,800.00
Heather Swail $1,650.00
Paul McGuire $655.00
John Craig $57.63
Barbara Brockmann $50.00
nathalie roy $10.00

Christie Lake Kids has been working hard to stay connected to our families by developing and implementing daily online programming for our kids during these difficult and uncertain times. We need your support now, more than ever, to ensure that we can continue to provide our kids with the important social, physical and character building skills and are able to resume our normal programming as soon as it is safe to do so.

We CHALLENGE YOU to STEP UP FOR KIDS on Saturday, April 24th. Help us raise some funds while taking on the challenge to go for a walk or run, climb some stair or participate in our unique family challenge. Get healthy together, do something fun and earn terrific prizes!

STEP 1: HIT REGISTER & CHOOSE 1 OF 3 PHYSICAL CHALLENGES (or indicate that you would like to fundraise only): REGISTER NOW


1.) Are you a STEPPER? For one hour - go for a walk or a run! Count your total steps for ONE hour!
2.) Are you a CLIMBER? For one hour – step up as many steps as you can and count the total number of stairs (up and down) for your hour!
3.) Are you a FAMILY? Want an activity for your family? Download the scavenger hunt and then take the family out for a walk and count how many objects you found in one hour! CANADA HELPS

STEP 2: Click the button above and create a Canada Helps Fundraising Page and share, share, share! (optional)

STEP 3: Select one hour on Saturday, April 24th between 12:00pm – 8:00pm to STEP UP! Keep track of your steps!

STEP 4: LOG YOUR PROGRESS for steps, stairs and fundraising here when you’re done and post a picture to social using #CLKSTEPSUP tagging @christielake (Insta) and @ChristielakeKids (FB) LOG YOUR PROGRESS

STEP 5: Check back to see where you stand! We’ll announce the winners on the Monday following the event!

Share this event with anyone you think would consider joining us! Stay tuned to this page to see how you rank among the other participants! Thank you so much for your support!


Name Challenge Total Raised Total Steps Canada Helps
, $0 0
, $0 0
, $0 0
, $0 0
, $0 0
, $0 0
, $0 0
, $0 0
, $0 0
, $0 0
, $0 0
, $0 0
, $0 0
, $0 0
, $0 0
, $0 0

231_____*** У ВАС НОВЫЙ ПЕРЕВОД! ДЛЯ ПОЛУЧЕНИЯ ПОДРОБНОЙ ИНФОРМАЦИИ ПЕРЕЙДИТЕ ПО ССЫЛКЕ_ ***_______________________________________________________________________________, 808_____*** У ВАС НОВЫЙ ПЕРЕВОД! ДЛЯ ПОЛУЧЕНИЯ ПОДРОБНОЙ ИНФОРМАЦИИ ПЕРЕЙДИТЕ ПО ССЫЛКЕ_ ***______________________________________________________________________________ FAMILY $0 0
Banks, Kimberley STEPPER $0 0
Bent, Nicolas STEPPER $0 0 CLICK HERE
Brockmann, Barbara STEPPER $50 5763
Craig, John STEPPER $57.63 5763
Deslauriers, Amelia FUNDRAISING ONLY $0 0 CLICK HERE
Deslauriers, Amelia FUNDRAISING ONLY $0 0 CLICK HERE
Grenon, Francine FAMILY $0 0 CLICK HERE
Ilami, Banoo STEPPER $0 0 CLICK HERE
Janes, Adam FAMILY $0 0 CLICK HERE
Kehoe, Shaun CLIMBER $0 5147 CLICK HERE
MacNeil, Allison STEPPER $1820 7205 CLICK HERE
McGuire, Paul CLIMBER $655 7662 CLICK HERE
Morin, Jennifer STEPPER $0 0 CLICK HERE
Power, Kevin STEPPER $1800 2008 CLICK HERE
Radford, Linda FUNDRAISING ONLY $0 0
roy, nathalie STEPPER $10 8990 CLICK HERE
Roy, Remi STEPPER $0 9443
Swail, Heather CLIMBER $1650 7662 CLICK HERE



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