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joanne fox $100.00

Throughout the pandemic, we’ve been told that we are being asked to ‘sit on our couch and stay home!’ Well, you know what? Christie Lake Kids challenges you to do just that!

On Saturday, February 27th – Sign up to: STAY HOME and Binge Watch for Kids!

Grab the members of your household, pick a show (a very long one), get cozy, make snacks, cuddle up and … binge! Watch any streaming service you have, for as long as you can!

Of course – this being for our kids – we also challenge you to raise some funds! Go to your friends and ask them to pledge dollars per hour. It can be any amount and then sit back – and literally watch the TV and money roll in.

We will be rewarding prizes for the longest binge (amount in hours) and money raised (amount in dollars)!

We understand that monitoring screen time and physical activity are super important – and we are kind of asking you to do the opposite – JUST FOR THIS ONE DAY. BUT! You can sign up to become a NEXT LEVEL BINGER! Complete all of physical/fun tasks while binging to win the NEXT LEVEL prize! Click here to see if you are next level!

Wait!? You forgot to plan dinner or lunch didn’t you? – NO SWEAT! Big Rig Kitchen and Brewery IRIS is donating 20% back to CLK for all orders made for take-out and dine-in (permitting) that day with mention of "Christie Lake Kids."

STEP 1: HIT REGISTER & CHOOSE one of the BINGE options! (or indicate that you would like to fundraise only): REGISTER NOW


1.) Are you a BINGER? "Yeah – I can sit and watch some TV for a really long time to help raise money for CLK!"
2.) Or, are you a NEXT LEVEL BINGER? "I want to raise money for our kids by streaming my favourite 17 season show AND do a whole bunch of physical and creative challenges during the process!" Click here to see what those challenges are!
3.) Or, are you a FUNDRAISER ONLY? That’s okay – streaming for long periods of time isn’t everyone’s thing – we’re so happy to have you accept donations for our kids anyways! Download Pledge Sheet

STEP 2: Download the pledge sheet and ask your friends to pledge a dollar value PER hour that you binge watch for CLK! (optional)

STEP 3: Get ready to – BINGE WATCH on Saturday, February 27th, 2021. You have the whole 24 hour period to watch starting at 12:00am – 11:59pm. It must be continuous bingeing. (Yes, you can pause briefly for bathroom breaks and to get food/drinks as required.)

STEP 4: Tell us how it’s going! Go on social media – show us your binge-set up! What are your favourite binge snacks? Tell us what you’re watching by tagging @christielakekids and using #bingewatchforkids! LOG YOUR PROGRESS

STEP 5: LOG YOUR PROGRESS– please let us know how many hours and how much money you’ve raised!!!


Name Challenge Total Raised Total Hours
, $0 0
Banks, Kimberley NEXT LEVEL BINGER $0 0
fox, joanne FUNDRAISER ONLY $100 0
Jones, Adam NEXT LEVEL BINGER $0 0
Moran, Sherry NEXT LEVEL BINGER $0 0
Rait-Parkes, Tracy FUNDRAISER ONLY $0 0
Stemp, Laura NEXT LEVEL BINGER $0 0
Swail, Heather BINGER $0 0
Wood, Karen BINGER $0 0



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