Leaders In Training



The Leaders In Training program provides youth programming that enables young people to grow and enhance their strengths amongst their peers, in schools and in their communities. With a strong emphasis on volunteerism and community building, LITs become engaged in community projects and other CLK programs that provide valuable volunteer experience for further employment and school success.  

The LIT program occurs over three years with the youngest LITs entering at age 13.

LIT 1 – focus on building self-awareness and the personal attributes of each unique leader

LIT 2 – focus on building group leadership skills and interpersonal leadership

LIT 3 – focus on peer led activities that involve community building and engaged citizenship practices



Throughout the LIT program there are numerous opportunities to build employment and personal skills and learning to set goals.

The Leaders in Training program at Christie Lake Kids offers young people the opportunity to engage in meaningful ways as they move through their youth. This three-year program gives support, structure, and opportunities for accomplishment to youth living in poverty, a circumstance that often leads to non-completion of school and a lack of civic engagement. This program provides these young people the opportunities to develop social, leadership, and mentoring skills; to learn advanced camping and group dynamics skills; and to practice their leadership through their volunteer commitment to supporting Christie Lake’s STAR and Camp programs.

LIT youth have opportunities to attend learning retreats at camp, to embark on out tripping adventures, to teach skills to young participants, and to engage on behalf of CLK in the community. They are supported by dedicated leaders (staff and volunteer) who have clear expectations about each youth's commitments to their school, family, and CLK engagements and who ensure they have the tools to fulfill them.

As children enter their youth, it is essential that healthy, positive, and interesting alternatives are available to them. Children who do not have a positive option are likely to engage in negative activities. The kind of structured, age-appropriate program for youth offered by Christie Lake Kids’ LIT program in the critical hours has dramatic impacts. It reduces gang and drug involvement and helps to build focused individuals with good self-esteem, earned confidence, and better prospects as they look forward to their futures as adults in the community.

It is our wish to equip LIT youth with posive self-esteem leading to earned confidence and better prospects as they look forward to their futures as healthy adults in the community.

Both STAR and LIT are integrally connected to our CAMP program and intend to continue the transformations and growth that happen at camp all year long. Each program participates in weekend camps throughout the school year and a summer LIT program at CAMP. 


Program Pillars:

Skill Building 

- Quality instructors

- High degree of support to overcome challenges

- Planned weekly sessions

- Strengths based learning

Character Development 

- Mentorship within each program

- Character emphasis with each activity

- Strengths based behavioural management model


- Structured experiential learning

- Flexible and tailored programming to the needs and abilities of each participant

- Emphasis on learning goals relating to skills and character that are applied  beyond CLK programs


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