Christie Lake Camp has been in operation since 1922, making it one of the oldest summer camps in Ontario.


Every summer, over 360 children and youth from low-income communities in Ottawa participate in skill-building programs that lead to long-term resilience.


On the surface, our program resembles that of many other camps. Children learn swimming, canoeing, camp craft, ecology (“nature lore”), and art. They play sports and games, go hiking, and set out on overnight and extended canoe trips. The difference is that the Christie Lake program is specifically designed to meet the needs of children living in poverty.



All the campers come from families living in poverty. The experience of growing up without much money can mean many different things. However, research and experience have consistently proven that poverty puts Canadian kids at risk in dozens of ways. For instance, our kids are more likely have experienced abuse, more likely to have learning difficulties, more likely to have behavioural and/or emotional disorders, more likely to live in an unsafe neighbourhood, and more likely to get involved in criminal activity.
Many kids arrive at camp afraid to fail. Many arrive with poor social skills. Some have few clothes to bring. Some are loaded down with worries about problems at home.


Christie Lake’s program emphasizes the development of physical and social skills. During their time at camp, children learn core skills in the areas of swimming, canoeing, camping, ecology, art and drama, rock-climbing and leadership. Each summer campers earn a new, higher level of badge in each of these skill areas. Our TRANSFORMATIVE RECREATIONTM approach to delivering programs also builds crucial protective factors for children such as self-regulation, self-efficacy, positive relationships, adult monitoring and social skills.

In working through the program, children find they have accomplished things they never thought were possible, and are more resilient to face challenges in life. They have learned they can succeed, and they take this improved self-image back to their activities in the city.



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Information for Parents and Guardians


Wonder how you can get in on this wonderful opportunity?

All families who wish to register their children for Christie Lake Kids Summer Camp must live in the Ottawa area, and must have an annual household income below the Ontario Low-Income cut-off. All camper must be between the ages of 9 and 15.


2019 Camp Session Dates:

Session 1  July 2 – July 13
Session 2  July 17 – July 28
Session 3  August 1 – August 12


To apply for summer camp, please contact our office at 613-742-6922 ext. 0 for an application form. Children can be referred by teachers, doctors, family—anyone who cares. Please contact our office with any further questions, we'd love to chat with you!


Please download our 2017 Parent and Guardian Handbook for important information about summer camp.



Summer Camp Staff


Each year Christie Lake Kids accepts applications for employment for the following positions:


Junior Staff (ages 15 and up; no experience required) (VOLUNTEER POSITION)

Camp Counsellor (ages 17 and up; some camp or youth program experience required)

Out Tripping Counsellor (ages 18 and up; tripping experience required)

Leaders in Training Staff (ages 18 and up; tripping and leadership program experience required)

Kitchen Staff (ages 19 and up; culinary experience required)


2018 job descriptions for all positions are now available. Please ensure you submit both an application form and resume to CLK by the following dates:


Assistant Camp Director - January 12th 2018

Home Visit Manager - January 12th 2018

Senior Staff Positions - January 26th 2018

Counsellor Positions - February 9th 2018

Kitchen Staff Positions - March 23rd 2018

Junior Staff Positions - March 23rd 2018





Job Application Process and Job Descriptions:


Application Process:

To apply for a summer camp position, please send your cover letter and resume to by the application deadline. You many also submit your application by mail to:


Christie Lake Kids

400 Coventry Road

Ottawa ON

K1K 2C7


Once your application has been received, you will receive an email with further instructions for completing your application through our online application system.


Senior Camp Staff Positions (ages 18 and up):

Assistant Camp Director

Home Visit Evaluator

Business Director

Program Director (2 each summer)

Pioneer Section Director (2 each summer)

Voyageur Section Director (2 each summer)

Out Tripping Section Director

Leaders In Training Section Director

Junior Staff Director

Skills Director

Waterfront Director (2 each summer)

Canoe Heads (2 each summer)

Naturelore Director

Camp Craft Director (2 each Summer)

Art and Drama Director

Adventure Programs Director

Health Care Provider (2 each Summer)

Camp Parent


Counsellor Positions (Age 17 and up):

Counsellor Job Posting


Junior Staff Positions (Age 15-17):

Junior Staff Job Posting


Kitchen Staff Positions (Age 19 and up):

Sous Chef Job Posting

Kitchen Staff Job Posting


*All staff positions are considered 650 hour volunteer positions and receive a stipend at the end of summer. Staff may be eligible for scholarships and bursaries in addition to their stipend if they are pursuing post-secondary education in the fall.

Often potential staff and their families will have questions about working at Christie Lake Kids Camp. Please see our Staff Handbook which answers many of these questions. If you have any remaining questions please feel free to contact our Camp Director Keith Dupuis-Strong.




400 Coventry Rd. Ottawa ON K1K 2C7
Tel: 613-742-6922 | Fax: 613-742-6944


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