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At Christie Lake Kids, our mission is to enrich the lives and prospects of economically disadvantaged children by providing quality year-round community and camp programs to develop physical, social and character skills.
two images side by side one of a young girl wearing a helmet and harness at a climbing wall, the other of two young boys with large smiles.

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All children should have the chance to experience the beauty of the natural world – to swim in a lake, paddle a canoe, sit by a campfire. Every year, children and youth aged 9-16 attend two weeks of summer camp at our picturesque 88-acre camp near Perth. The skills learned year after year help build confidence, resilience and optimism.

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Skills Through Arts and Recreation (STAR) programs engage children and youth aged 6-17 in activities that include opportunities to participate in a variety of experiences. After-school and weekend programs like art, soccer, cooking and music are offered at three local community centres.

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Our Leaders in Training (LIT) program offers opportunities for youth aged 13-18 to meet in a safe space that promotes positive social learning with trained mentors, and encourages meaningful goal setting to help each participant realize personal success.

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Transformative Recreation® is our unique way to engage kids in having fun, but also a powerful way to help them develop the values & skills that will help them to change the way they look at themselves, their relationships & the world around them.

Kids Are Headed Back to Christie Lake Camp

Current Newsletter

Kids Are Headed Back to Christie Lake Camp

It’s the best time of year! Children and youth aged 8-13 are registering now for their first overnight camp experience; and returning campers too. This summer, Christie Lake Kids is returning to our in-person camp for vulnerable kids in our region. The kids and counselors alike are so excited.



Three images side by side: First is an older black and white photo of a large number of children in canoes, second is a color photo of Dr.Dan sitting in tall grass and the third is a photo of kids playing hockey on a outdoor rink

IN 1922

A young Ottawa judge believed that the direction of a boy’s life could be diverted through a positive camp experience. Instead of punishing delinquent boys, he offered them an escape from the city and a chance to learn about the outdoors, friendship and responsibility. Judge John F. McKinley envisioned a retreat for these boys, away from the hot city streets, whose secret of success would be in “giving the boy responsibility, handling him with friendship, teaching him the general principles of good citizenship and doing so with the help of the open air.”

IN 1958

Dr. Dan Offord became Camp Director. Christie Lake Kids programs were largely developed under the guidance and direction of the late Dr. Dan Offord, renowned child psychiatrist and Founding Director of the internationally recognized Offord Centre for Child Studies located at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario. Before his passing in 2004, Dr. Dan, as he was affectionately known, was volunteer summer camp Director for 47 years and co-director of the pilot PALS program in Ottawa that led to the development of the CLK STAR program. In 2001, Dr. Dan’s work in research, at Christie Lake Camp, and as an advocate for all Canadian children earned him the Order of Canada.

IN 1985

A STAR was born. The STAR (Skills Through Activity and Recreation) program offered skill-development opportunities at inner-city community centres to both boys and girls from low income families. The founders of Christie Lake Kids always intended to keep in touch with campers throughout the year. But winter get-togethers were sporadic through the 1940s and ’50s. In the ’60s and ’70s, a modestly funded Winter Program was formalized, and began to incorporate Dr. Dan’s structured skill development that was becoming the basis of the camp program. Brothers, sisters, friends, and neighbours of our summer campers became involved.

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Our Board of Directors

Christie Lake Kids is delighted to benefit from the professional and personal contributions of a dedicated and hard-working Board of Directors. These committed community leaders bring wisdom, business acumen, vision, and hard work to the table. Thank you to our Board and committee members. You make us immeasurably stronger.


Owen Mahaffy

Until his retirement in 2017, Owen was Director, Engineering and Asset Management, Hydro Ottawa. His professional life as an engineer in the electrical utility industry spanned more than three decades and many technical and management roles but none more rewarding than his contributions to building Hydro Ottawa's award-winning community investment programs, especially its partnership with Christie Lake Kids. 


Peter Melanson
1st Vice Chair

Until his retirement in 2019, Peter was Director, of Federal Sales for Microsoft. Peter brings 35+ years’ experience in sales management, operations and marketing. He is the Past President of the Duke of Edinburgh Awards in Canada, with 13 years of service with the organization in various capacities.  His community service was recognized by HRH Prince Edward in 2012 with a Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal for volunteerism.


Tim Hodgins
2nd Vice Chair
Inspector- Criminal Investigations Directorate, Ottawa Police Service

Tim has been a member of the Ottawa Police Service for 30 years. Tim is a results-driven leader with a strong background in organizational change, police operations and investigations, and strategy development. Tim's community engagement and volunteer work have included coaching youth sports, working with Candlelighters, the Snow Suit fund and the Union Mission. 


Wes Richardson
Director of Finance, Youth Services Bureau of Ottawa

Wes has more than 30 years’ experience in the not-for-profit sector. He brings extension experience in financial reporting, internal controls, strategic planning, property acquisition, construction, management, and pensions. Wes has overseen the growth of Youth Services Bureau’s budget to $30 million.  In his spare time, Wes has volunteered with his children at Scouts Canada, as well as Kanata Youth Basketball. Wes is currently Chair of Christie Lake Kids' Audit & Finance Committee.



Adeola Onafuwa
Policy Analyst, Government of Canada

Adeola has a degree in Political Science from the University of Windsor. He offers experience in community liaison, youth development programing, and human resources. In his experience working in development programming to improve the trajectory of youths in his community, Adeola appreciates the values of mutual respect, strong community, and equity of opportunity. Born and raised in Nigeria, Adeola has also lived in other countries which has provided an abundance of experience in appreciating and adapting to cultural perspectives and challenges. When we appreciate that the sky is big enough for everyone to fly, collaboration becomes a culture.


Julie Taggart
VP Operations, Taggart Realty Management

Julie is part of the Taggart Group of Companies; a family business stared in 1940’s. Julie holds a Business degree from Bishop’s University. She joined the Taggart Group in 2000 and has over 15 years of Real Estate experiences. Julie oversees the operations and leasing of the retail, residential and office portfolio, as well as all new development projects for Taggart Realty.


Ted Charette

Until his retirement in 2020, Ted was Assistant Director for Mental Health Services, Youth Services Bureau of Ottawa. Ted has been supporting youth and their families in Ottawa for more than 30 years.  He managed mental health services providing counselling and crisis supports in our community.  A former Christie Lake staff for 5 summers, Ted is excited to give back to the organization that helped him get his start in the helping profession.

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Annual Reports

  • 2021 Annual Report

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  • 2019 Annual Report

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  • 2018 Annual Report

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  • 2017 Annual Report

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  • 2016 Annual Report

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  • 2015 Annual Report

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Current research shows that 15% of children and youth in Ottawa live in a low income household, which amounts to over 32,000 young people across the city. Registration fees, equipment costs and transportation needs make recreational programs and services inaccessible. Children and youth from these families miss the benefits of developing strong physical, social and character skill sets. We want to help these young people build essential skills and become more resilient - capable of coping and learning despite adversity in their lives.

A grapic showing the Unique Approach on building resiliency; the Graphic shows a series of arrows going in a circle with Social pointing to Character to Physical

Transformative Recreation® (T-REC®) is our program model, guiding all of our efforts as we encourage our children and youth to build resiliency and realize success on their own terms. T-REC® is founded on a mixture of best practices in the field of social recreation, as well as the lessons of success derived from over 95 years of serving the Ottawa community. Our programs focus on developing physical, social and character skills, with the intent of developing four key outcomes:

  • Positive Peer & Adult Relationships
  • Self-Efficacy
  • Self-Regulation
  • Positive Future Outlook

Building Skills:
unique approach

Program and equipment costs are free to our participants, and programs are offered in their neighbourhoods or transportation is provided.

Program staff are actively in contact with each family prior to every program, and take any action needed to ensure that children and youth return to our programs week after week, and year after year.

In addition to promoting physical skill development, program staff and volunteers act as positive mentors to assist children and youth in building strong social and emotional capabilities.

Transforming Lives:
impactful programs

We evaluate our programs after each term to establish program quality, program engagement and accomplished skill development. We use multiple evaluation tools to engage children, youth, program volunteers and staff to elicit meaningful feedback. The results demonstrate that our T-REC® programs are operating at a high level of quality and creating opportunities for long-term, transformative skill development.

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Christie Lake Kids collects in-depth household data, to better understand and support the individual needs and strengths of children in CLK programs.

80% of CLK families have an annual household income of less than $25,000

Average family annual household income in Ottawa - $86,000

90% of children attending STAR programs live in subsidized housing


324 children in STAR programs

360 children in summer camp program

200 children in weekend camp programs

+40 youth in Leaders in Training Program

924 children & youth served

Many participants are enrolled in several programs
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Two photos side by side, left side is Segun Makinde - Olympic Track and Field Athlete in the starting position wearing a Canadian uniform. Right side is a in game photograph of Alex Mateas - Offensive Lineman for the Ottawa RedBlacks


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Christie Lake Kids is fortunate to have two exceptional role models who inspire our children and youth. Segun and Kene bring their STAR power, their motivational stories and their profile to the CLK community and beyond.

Segun Makinde - Olympic Track and Field Athlete
Segun is a Nigerian-born Canadian Track & Field athlete competing in the 100m, 200m, 4x100m events, and is the oldest brother of three. He is a 2012 Olympian, 2013 IAAF World Champion Bronze Medalist, 2-time World University Games competitor, and 2013 Francophone Games double gold Medalist.

Segun currently lives and trains in Ottawa and while away from the track gives back through volunteer work and speaking at local schools and events. His aim is to inspire and influence the next generation to be great in all they do and say.

Kene Onyeka - Defensive Lineman for the Ottawa RedBlacks
Kene’s family moved from Lagos Nigeria to Brampton Ontario when he was 9 years old. As a child, Kene was an avid soccer and football player, who also had a love for math and science. He decided to pursue both of his passions at Carleton University, where he graduated with a Degree in Mechanical Engineering, while playing for the Ravens football team. His journey to the CFL began in 2019, getting drafted to play for the city he grew to love.

Now, Kene has found a new passion of giving back to the kids in his community, and will be getting out into our programs and sharing his story with our children and youth. We plan to make Kene a big part of our STEM programs, using his background in engineering to educate the next generation.

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Two photos side by side of Shannel a Christie Lake Kids Impact Story: left side is Shannel with other young members painting on the right is a Photo of Shallen standing beside a painted utility box and smiling.



At 12 years old, I came to Christie Lake Camp for the first time at the urging of my mom, a single parent of 6 children. I stayed involved at camp as a Junior Staff member, then counsellor, leading to several Senior Camp Staff positions.

Eager to stay connected with some of my campers, I then began volunteering in CLK's Leaders In Training Program in the city, where I had a chance to mentor many of my former campers through their teenage years. I am now a College & University graduate and continue my involvement with Christie Lake Kids as a volunteer in the STAR Art program.

Christie Lake Kids programs give kids a chance to try things they otherwise would not know existed, to be inspired by people they otherwise would not meet, and to dream of things they otherwise thought would be impossible.

Shannel – Former Christie Lake Kid



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